Love – Sense & Simplicity

Originally published on Aug 25, 2009 on

Have you read Eric Segal’s ‘Love Story’? Its’ considered to be one of the most romantic books ever written. Not because the heroine is in danger & the hero saves her or the usual filmy, dramatic story. It was extremely simple, just describing this realistic couple’s love for each other & their journey together called, Life.

Are the most perfect love stories the most simple? I think yes, it is.


What is it?

1 simple word

1 simple feeling

Yet, we complicate it.

This is a phenomenon I’ve been noticing for quite some time now. When a person likes someone, they will NEVER tell him/her. He/she will tell his/her’s friends, hoping the news will reach the concerned person, they will in turn tell the other’s friends, who in turn will tell other friends & FINALLY(thank God there’s a finally!), the concerned boy/girl will get to know.

Why such complication ya???

Just go tell the guy/girl straight to his/her face that you like him/her. “I think I’m in love with you”. SIMPLE.

I find it ridiculous that people are afraid of confessing such an important feeling. If you do ever feel it, treasure it. Coz, not everybody is lucky enough to feel Love. To not feel love for anybody or anything, to not have someone to love, is the most horrible curse anybody will ever have.

Love is a sensation that makes life beautiful. It makes your troubles go away. It makes you concentrate only on the positives in the world. It gives you the feeling of being on top of the world. I dont understand why people have to do drugs to have all the above feelings, when there is a intoxication called love?

When do people fall in love? Specifically, at what age?

Do you think there is an average age when people fall in love?

I dont know. I think, Love is something that just happens, Without you realizing it. Without you planning it. I used to say, how can you fall in love at this age? Today, I contradict myself.

When I sit by myself and look inside me, I realize that I’m holding myself. I’m holding myself really tight. And i’m sure it’s the same with you. LET GO. Dont hold yourself. Feel uncaged, feel free……

That’s when you will feel love.


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