52 weeks

Originally published on Jan 4, 2014 on trulysu.blogspot.in
Happy New Year folks!
We survived the apocolypse a year ago and made #hashtags a way to converse last year. Most importantly, we got the word‘selfie’ into Oxford dictionary!
And now we start a new year by making typical resolutions and it seems as though the universal resolution for the year is ‘Go to gym’. I’m going to be Grumpy Cat here and tell you one word- NO. That didn’t happen last year, the year before that and all the years before that. And it’s never going to happen in the near future. Booyah!
Nevertheless, best of luck to you guys!
As for me, this year I decided not to make any resolutions but instead follow a challenge on the internet. 52 weeks. In these 52 weeks of the year, I’ve challenged myself to do 52 DIY projects, cook/prepare 52 dishes and write 52 stories. And if I can complete this challenge, at the end of the year I will treat myself to a lavish holiday in whichever country I feel like travelling to.
Without all the grumpiness, here’s wishing you and myself a successful year ahead!

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