The Week That Was #1

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I started the 52 Weeks Of Photo Inspiration this week and the keyword of the week was Resolution. As I’ve mentioned in my last blog post, my resolutions for the year are to be more social, build relationships, and follow through on promises. I was really excited about the challenge and also nervous but overall it turned out pretty okay. Not awe-inspiring but simple.

This week I spent a lot of time with my best friend, Kamala who’s visiting from Delhi. She is one of my oldest and dearest friends. We were in the same school, met each other when we were in class 8 and soon became good friends. We have been friends for close to 11 years now. Oh wow! Eventually we went our separate ways in pursuit of our dreams but our friendship is still just as strong. So this week we spent a lot of time together doing some new things and some regular old things. The photos of the coffees and garden are from our meets.

Started the week with a cultural program hosted by Jadavpur University Alumni Association, Hyd chapter. They had Pt. Rahul Sharma (On the Santoor) leading the show along with three others on Tabla, Drums and Keyboard. It was held at Ravindra Bharathi, the main auditorium in Hyderabad. It was an enjoyable show. The performance was at one stretch. At one point they played ‘Ekla Cholo’ and the crazy bengalis that we are, the audience erupted into applause and song. That moment was oddly emotional. The black and white photo is from that night.

My uncle occasionally talks about how a person’s birth has a lottery associated with it. Lottery of life he calls it. Parentage is gotten through lottery. Hence, genes and family are gotten through lottery. And he often tells me that I won the jackpot. And I don’t disagree. Something worked in my favor for I got an incredible family, less dysfunctional than most other families, and also more creative. Recently my aunt attended a hobby class where she learned to make jewellery through quilling. So when I went over to spend some time with her, she made some earrings for me. I mostly just sat and watched, and then modelled the earrings after completion. Then I tried my hand at packaging and made a cute little pyramid structure to place the earrings in. The photos of the earrings are from that session.

Lastly, I posted my first blog post of the year briefly reviewing 2014 and talking about what I have planned for 2015. I’m super excited about this year and I think it’s off to a decent start.

While all of these good things happened, there were also some disturbing events across the world- Shooting at Charlie Hebdo and Blasts in Yemen. Life is fickle and can take an unexpected and permanent turn as has been proven time and again in the hands of terrorists. Let’s remember that creating terror is called Terrorism and not Avenging something. And that terrorists have no religion.



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