The Week That Was #2

Click anywhere on these images to go to my Instagram account @sunayanasen
Click anywhere on these images to go to my Instagram account @sunayanasen

This last week was incredible! By far the best week I’ve had in 2015. I started the week with  a picnic that was organized by my community association- Hyderbad Bengalee Samity, celebrated Sankranti with family and close friends, went for a photowalk, and got a sweet kiss from a cute little 3 year old. I get warm fuzzies when I think about last week 🙂

The highlight of my week was the photowalk. As I mentioned in the last ‘The Week That Was #1‘ post, my bestie Kamala was in town so we went for a photowalk to Qutub Shahi Tombs. This was my first photowalk ever and Kamala was gracious enough to lend me her spare Canon DSLR camera for the occasion. Kamala prefers portraiture photography and I prefer shooting inanimate things. The choice of location was a selfish one for me because I absolutely love historical places and I hadn’t explored Qutub Shahi Tombs well enough. Not that there’s too much history in the site itself (Unlike sites like Golconda Fort) but the architecture is mesmerizing.

We took almost 250 pictures between the two of us. Kamala is a better photographer than me so I kept taking tips from her. The entire week I kept posting some photos from that day and I still have many more to post. I think people are tired of it now; I must have lost a whole bunch of followers by now. Kamala hasn’t posted her photos yet so when she does I’ll link it here for you guys to check it out. Until then, follow her on Instagram- @kamalasripada.

Most of the pictures above are from that day. The photo of me holding the camera was taking by Kamala; apart from that, all photos were taken by me.

For the picnic we went to a resort in the outskirts of Hyderabad (Near Chilkur). The place itself was a little run down but I liked that it was secluded and peaceful. The whole day was very relaxing. I took the opportunity to shoot photos for my post on Hair Care at that venue. Some of the photos actually came out really nice. And I learnt that my head is definitely made for a hat! The photo of the grey shoes on grass is from that day. Those are my feet and my shoes (From MAX stores).

This year I celebrated sankranti like I haven’t in the last few years. When I was a child, we used to have sankranti parties at home. My extended family, family friends, and building friends would all climb up to the terrace of our building, spread a couple of blankets/mats on the floor, bring an arsenal of kites and manjas, and some steel vessels to make noise when we won the fight. But over the last few years that frenzy died down and I did not fly a kite for a while. But this year we gathered at my uncle’s house and had a blast! I was so focused on actually enjoying the day that I didn’t take a good enough to post it online. Ah well, some things are meant to be experienced only and never captured.

And finally, I met a family friend who was in Hyderabad for vacation (They live in Geneva). Her son is barely three years old, has rosy cheeks, and is beautiful! He’s going to be quite the heartthrob one day. But the highlight of that meeting was that he immediately took a liking to me so much so that his entire family was amazed. I felt so special! ❤ Again, these moments were meant to be experienced only and not captured 🙂

I did take a whole bunch of pictures but focused last week on posting the photowalk pictures. More photos later.

Have a lovely week!

P.S.: I haven’t watermarked these pictures on purpose but I request everybody to be respectful and not use these pictures for any untoward activities.


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