A Day In The Life Of Nurse Su

If you’ve noticed, this blog was on a hiatus for a month. That is because I was (still am) busy playing #NurseSu to Ma. In January she had a little mishap and broke her leg as a result. She sustained multiple fractures on her left leg. She had to undergo an operation to place rods inside her leg and now she’s healing well. Ma had the mishap, but it was my life that completely changed. And today I finally got some time to sit down and write about it.

As mentioned before, I feel like I’ve become a homemaker without even marrying! I have 6 people in my family (Including our maid), and boy is it all consuming to take care of everybody. I wake up in the morning and immediately start my work in the kitchen- cooking, chopping, heating food, etc. This goes on for almost three hours. In between this time I serve the first meal/snack of the day -milk- to Ma, my younger brother, and myself. In my house we do the cooking for the day in the morning itself. So the first task of my day is to cook new curries that will be consumed at lunch and dinner. Then, heat any curries left over from the previous day that will be had at breakfast. Simultaneously, I place the rice in the rice cooker. At 9 AM I start making chapatis for Baba’s breakfast. He’s the first to leave the house so at least 4 items need to be ready by the time he leaves. After the chapatis, I start packing Baba’s lunch box and send him off. It’s only at this point that I can take a deep breath. Once he leaves, I can slow down a bit. I then serve breakfast to Ma and myself. (My brother makes his own breakfast, which is generally bread with butter.)

Most days this wraps up by 10:30 AM and then I do a bit of gardening. I recently bought a whole bunch of young flowering plants for our terrace garden and then our gardener didn’t show up for 3 weeks. Hmph. So I have to pot all these plants now and learn about how to care for these. On a side note, our terrace garden has lovely colors now and is all decked for summer! Our favorite among these is our new strawberry plant. It was given to us by a lovely family and we can’t thank them enough for it 🙂

Strawberries in our garden!
Strawberries in our garden!

After that I start tidying up the house. Let’s stop here for a minute…

I will not claim that I’m a brilliant cook, or that I did a great job of nursing my Mother. But the one thing I will give myself credit for is cleaning up the house. I swear that if you saw my house before I started working on it and if you saw it now, you would give me a medal. I did a damn good job.

• ♠ • ♠ •

As I was saying, my mid-morning goes in tidying up the house. After I did a massive overhaul of the living room (which was the most untidy), now it’s only about maintaining it so I don’t need to spend too much time on it. Thankfully my family is also cooperating in keeping it tidy. Well, mostly. I then make Ma’s bed and help her into the bathroom when she wants to bathe.

It’s only after all this that I get to sit down and relax. Some days when I’m feeling up to it I undertake the total cleaning of a section, like the pantry, or the kitchen drawers. Soon it’s time for lunch. Afternoons are comparatively relaxed since it’s the maid’s responsibility to wrap up the lunch. And then I have the most relaxed one hour of the day…because I take a nap. If you’re not a bengali, you don’t know the magic of the afternoon nap. It’s immensely blissful!

After my lovely nap I bathe and am ready for the evening a.k.a visiting hours. My family is an overly social family which is why we now have visitors everyday calling on Ma. So when they come I get to make Masala Chai which is my new pet interest. I didn’t know how to brew tea before Ma’s accident but after some time spent on Pinterest, I’ve gotten pretty good at making Masala Chai. Through this entire experience I’ve discovered new things about myself. One of those things is that I’m specific about doing guest-related things properly. Sort of like old school. Downton Abbey old school! Like I have to serve tea in cup and saucer, placed on a tray, with a bowl of sugar on the side, and a plate of biscuits also served on a tray. And if there’s cooked snacks, then proper plates and matching napkins and all. This is a complete contrast from the rest of my family; I don’t know where I got this gene from.

Finally, it’s dinner time. Like I mentioned above, the curries are all cooked in the morning so I only have to heat it up at night. But I have to make fresh chapatis. And God is it a marathon for me! I have to make ~14 chapatis for the entire family. 😐 After I set the table, serve Ma, and have dinner myself, I’m done for the night. Wrapping up the dinner is the responsibility of whoever eats last which is usually my brother. (We all eat at different times.) My brother also makes Ma’s bed so I close my door soon after I have dinner.

So there you have it, a day in the life of #NurseSu.


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