Black Hole Conversations…..Schools

You know how there are some topics that you debate both sides for and in the end there’s still no decision/conclusion? Yeah I have quite a few of them so I thought I’d do a little series called “Black Hole Conversations”. Absolutely no thought went into the name BTW.

To start this off, I thought I’d talk about schools in Hyderabad. In my time, there were just a handful of schools in the city and all these school were beautiful architectural structures with a large ground. Sports and extra-curricular activities were also important back then. The school I studied in was an old catholic school with two floor buildings across many blocks and lots of open spaces.

But today schools are coming up like mushrooms all over the city. You can very easily find a ‘school’ just around the corner. And the ‘school’ is basically just a residential building with 4-5 floors modified into classrooms and a parking lot which they use as a ‘ground’ or assembly area. Every time I pass by these schools I feel so sad for the kids and get angry that greedy money-mongers are passing off shady structures as schools. That’s not a life a child should have. Children need more ground to play and move around rather than 4-5 floors of classrooms where they are holed up all day. These places are taking childhoods away from children.

But then…

Education is expensive these days. Not everybody can afford to educated in a ‘proper’ school. Even though these schools mentioned in the previous paragraph are just a little more than concrete buildings, at least that many more children are getting access to education. That many more children are being kept from falling into child labour, trafficking, etc… In a country of 1.6 billion people where all the resources are maxing out, including land, maybe this is the future of school system.

So this is the mental conflict I go through every time I pass by these schools or read about one in the newspaper. I still strongly believe that children deserve a childhood filled with learning- both in and out of the classroom- and development through life activities. But I do understand that life sucks and we don’t live in Utopia.

What’s your take on it?


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