A New Series- ‘The Thing About…Raising My Children’

A few years back I had a life-changing moment. In that one moment I achieved so much clarity on what I wanted from life. Maybe it was always at the back of mind, shielded by my subconscious and it took this moment for it come to the forefront.

My priority in life is family. I want to have children some day and I know that there’s nothing else that I want more. On my death bed I want to know that I raised responsible human beings who will have a big positive impact in the world.

Since that moment, I occasionally find myself day-dreaming about how I want to raise my children, what kind of mother I want to be, how I would react in certain situations, etc. Lately I’ve been thinking about making a note of all these, just like I note down points about my future business. And as you know, I put most of these kind of thoughts on this blog.

I’m calling this series ‘The Thing About… <topic>‘. I don’t know how many posts I will write under this but I’m excited to put it out there. Of course, please know that my knowledge regarding this topic is grossly limited so suggestions or corrections are more than welcome. What is not welcome, is belittling me for my choices and opinions.

Hope I make sense!


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