What it’s like to be a Woman commuting by road in Hyderabad

One of those hard hitting blog posts. One of my favourites too.

Thoughts Of The Third Eye

If you are a woman and drive in Hyderabad, I’m sure you would have read the title and rolled your eyes and thought, “Tell me ‘bout it!” Every woman who drives will agree with everything I list here. But before I start, here’s a disclaimer:-

The reason this is focused on a female driver in Hyderabad and not India is because I have firsthand knowledge of the former and not the latter. I’ve never lived/driven in any other city in India. However, from what I hear, it’s more or less the same across India.

Let’s start with why I prefer to drive over taking an auto or walking. You would think that if men stared at a woman, it’s probably because she’s hot. In Hyderabad though the only criterion needed for men to stare at women is, simply being a woman. I’m not all that pretty but if I take…

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