Winding down the day

I believe that the way you start and end your day is important for your emotional well being. From just a basic Google search you’ll find many articles that talk about ‘The best way to start your day’ or ‘Morning rituals of 10 most successful CEOs’ or ‘How to become a morning person’ and other such articles. Relatively fewer articles are focused on winding down for the day but the importance of it is not lost. In my mind, the best way to end the day is to relax- mentally and physically. Of course there are days when it’s hard not to go to bed with the baggage of the day but thankfully those days are few in number.

Here’s how I wind down for the average day:

∞ Reach home before fully dark so that I can chill in the balcony overlooking the Hussain Sagar as the sun goes to sleep.

∞ Change, freshen up and oil massage hair.

∞ Cook/Make and eat a quick evening snack while enjoying the view from the balcony and chatting with Ma. Maybe make some masala chai too.

∞ Continue chilling in the balcony as Rabindranath Tagore’s soulful compositions play in the background.

Picture this: A slight monsoon drizzle, a hammock, the view of the lake, colourful plants and flowers cocooning you from the world, grey-ish clouds overhead, Rabindranath Tagore’s soulful music in the background, a traditional cup of hot masala chai, and you in fresh comfortable clothing. Can I ever give enough thanks for this picture becoming a reality?

∞ Maybe do some writing or painting.

∞ Dinner | Daily entry in the Gratitude Journal | 10-minute Yoga | YouTube | Sleep

I sleep for almost 8 hours and wake up to my body clock instead of the alarm. And that itself is a perfect morning 🙂


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