Being A ‘Writer’ & My Writing Style

I published my first blog post on June 21st, 2007 with the title ‘Ban On Hair!!’ My final year of high school had just started and I had gotten my hair cut over the summer. I think I got a fringe and there was some objection to it from the principal. That was what the post was about. I don’t remember what/who prompted me to start a blog, why I chose blogspot, or why I felt this was the topic to start the blog with. I don’t even remember why I named the blog ‘Thoughts Of The Third Eye’ but this name has been one of the few constants of my life. My writing style has changed, the domain has changed, even the purpose has changed… but the name is the only thing that’s remained constant.

Sometimes I look at my first post and can’t believe I wrote it. The amount of grammatical errors, and worse, the texting lingo I’ve used is embarrassing. I had once considered deleting this post but thought better of it. After all, it’s my first post and while it might be embarrassing, it’s testament to how far I’ve come.

I don’t remember having a vision for this blog. Over the next two years it had become just a space for my rants. I wasn’t big on people reading or commenting on it so I shared it only with my close friends. Because they’re my close friends, I received tons of positive and constructive feedback. At that point I didn’t consider myself a ‘Writer’ and neither did my friends. Back then ‘Writer’ to me meant someone who wrote books, specifically fiction and I was doing neither. Moreover I was inconsistent with posting. Sometimes months would go by without a post. I learnt much later that most bloggers maintain a full-fledged blogging calendar of what to post about and when, and follow it like a doctrine.

So why do I write?

I was extremely short-tempered as a child with drastic mood swings. I like to tell myself that ‘I had more emotions than I could handle’ and my outlet for it was violence. Yes, I was a violent child. As the teen years hit, I grew less violent and learned to channel my excess emotions towards productive activities such as sports. However, sports took a back seat during my college days and so I had to find another avenue to channel my excess emotions. Lo and behold, I discovered the value of writing.

Most often I wrote when I really wanted to say something. Like one of those things that you just can’t keep within you. I had to let it out; it kept me from self-destructing. Also like most teenagers, I had much to say about everything. Obviously I couldn’t be the only person speaking while having a conversation with a Human (I was expected to listen too), I used the blog to have a conversation in which only I did the speaking. That coupled with extreme emotions unknowingly established a certain style of writing that I can call my signature style. Most people who know me and have read my blog have told me that it feels as though they’re hearing me speak and not reading what I wrote.

If you look at the publish dates of all my posts, you’ll notice a trend. There are periods in the year when I’ve published many posts, and then periods when I haven’t published any. Most often it’s because I’ve just not had the time, and some times it’s due to Writer’s Block. Guess which of the two I hate more? The former. It’s not like I don’t have anything going on in my mind; in fact I have way too many things swimming around in my brain.  But I just can’t push myself enough to dedicate time to it. Which is why earlier this year I made a simple calendar for this and decided to post twice a week. Of course like most new year resolutions, this eventually lost steam. But good news is that this year I’ve written more posts than any in any other previous year, and it’s been more consistent than ever. Yay! #achievementunlocked

This year I’ve also taken a huge step. I’m putting concious effort into my writing. Earlier I used to write free-flow and publish without properly spell-checking or getting a second opinion. (Have I mentioned how impatient I am?) I would do the spell-check/editing after publishing. This year I’ve made three crucial changes:

  1. I write, sleep on it, revisit the post with a fresh mind, and make edits before publishing. This has made the biggest difference in my writing. Additionally, I force myself to make ruthless deletions.
  2. I’ve made writing buddies! My official writing buddy is Neeru Iyer who’s a wonderful writer and is also published. For major posts, I send the draft to her, she suggests some edits and gives general feedback. I then clean it up and publish the post. And of course my BFFs give me feedback on almost all my posts.
  3. I’ve started reading other’s blogs too. A little secret is that I wouldn’t read other’s blogs. I used blogosphere only to post my stuff. But that’s changed now and due to this change, I’ve made a bunch of new blogger friends! I read other’s writing and that helps me improve my writing.

My big moments of joy (w.r.t blog) have been whenever I’ve received messages from random acquaintances that they found inspiration in my blog. I think one such message even made me cry. If I ever become a published writer or some kind of a blogging superstar, I will laminate and frame that message. After all, I started writing to avoid self-destruction but along the way it unknowingly stopped someone else from self-destructing.

Thank you for your support through the past 8 years. _/\_

♥ Su





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  1. badfish says:

    I did not go visit your first post! Tempted, but didn’t. Seems like you’ve come a long way. You are lucky to have a mentor/editor to assist you. And I commend you on writing, and thinking and revising. No good writer doesn’t revise. I would say the same for a good blogger!! It takes me days to write a post. I’m not saying I’m good, I’m saying I’m following good-writing procedures!


    1. Sunayana Sen says:

      Are you kidding me? You’re an amazing writer! And the photos…SO good!

      Actually, you should write about your blogging style. I’d love to know what your process is, how you pick topics, how you choose photos for each post, etc.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. badfish says:

        Well, thank you for that.
        I probably won’t write a post, so I’ll just tell you…I don’t have a “process.” I begin with the WP Photo Challenge prompt, pick a photo or topic to write about. Write. Revise, revise, revise until it molds itself into a piece. Then I add a few photos, hopefully some go with the words.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Sunayana Sen says:

        Ah. Revision is your secret then. But it’s interesting to know that your writing starts with a photo and not just an idea.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. badfish says:

        Yup…revision. I revise until I start putting words back in that I’ve already revised to something else. That’s when I know I’ve revised sufficiently!


      4. badfish says:

        hey, just tried to get to your blog…it’s locked and private now?? I can’t get in to read…


      5. Sunayana Sen says:

        Hey! Umm… check again?


      6. badfish says:

        Checked…it still says the site is private and I have to request access.


      7. Sunayana Sen says:

        Oh I got it. You’re trying to access my other blog ‘From The Desk Of A Businesswoman’ which is private.

        My primary blog is ‘Thoughts Of The Third Eye’. Which is where you’re actually commenting.


      8. badfish says:

        Yeah, I was just clicking on your name in the comments here…


      9. badfish says:

        Cool, that’s the one I followed, but when I click your name to reply to your comment, it takes me to…the notification


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