What are some good “mini habits” to practice each day?

Since we're still high on entering a new year & working out our year's resolutions that we shall not maintain, here's something I saw on Quora that I really liked. This is an answer to the question- 'What are some good mini habits to practice each day?' I especially liked the points under 'Social'. Once you're done reading this answer, don't forget to go through the other answers too. They're all really good.

Answer by Patrick Mathieson:

  • More vegetables, less bread.
  • Floss before bedtime.
  • Do kegels.
  • Water. Drink it.
  • Call, text, or e-mail one person who you haven't spoken with in a while.
  • Spend some time walking around your town fully engaged in your surroundings. That means no earbuds, no mind wandering off thinking about whatever. Just meander around and engage with your environment. Say hello to random people on the street. Just be present. I like to think of this as "walking meditation" because unlike Nicolas Cole I'm not a big fan of seated meditation (though I am somewhat restating points #3 and #4 of his answer to this question).
  • Have one social interaction that makes you uncomfortable (this could be giving 100% candid feedback to a friend, or sparking up a conversation with somebody who you find attractive, etc).
  • Whenever you're having a conversation with somebody, give them your full attention. Push everything out of your mind and deal with it on your own time. Keep the phone in your pocket.
  • End the day with zero e-mails in your inbox.
  • Get one important, non-trivial thing done before noon, every day of work, before you check e-mail. Ideally, have this chosen beforehand before you end work the previous day.
  • Devote some time to developing skills for your next job — or skills for your current job that you don't yet possess.
  • Help out a colleague or professional acquaintance with something minor (make an introduction on their behalf, for example)… but only after you've done your "important, non-trivial thing" for the day.
  • Read something substantial (>2,000 words, say) that has nothing to do with your career or industry.
  • Answer one question on Quora per day.
  • Give away or throw out one possession per day. (Why is this "mental"? Because junk in our homes can cloud our minds, and furthermore having a lot of possessions makes us feel as if we have something to lose, which can bog us down and suffocate risk-taking).
  • Examine something beautiful (a lamp, a bridge, an album cover…). Ask yourself What makes this beautiful?  Aesthetics are important to understand.
  • Practice saying "I don't care" when you aren't required to have an opinion on something (i.e. 99% of the time). More on this here and here.

What are some good “mini habits” to practice each day?


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