2016 Week #1 – Laying the foundation

As is with the start of every year, I have self-improvement themes for this year too. I’ve elaborated it in a previous blog post, but the three themes for this year are – Be Disciplined, Reduce Carbon Footprint, and Rise above my inferiority complex. The idea of themes is to cultivate sustainable, life-long habits, and not just goals for the year that I accomplish and move on. This year’s themes are definitely more complex than last year’s. It’s not just about being hyper-aware of something; it’s about taking actual steps while being hyper-aware of certain things. So how do I do this?

First, I decided that setting goals are actually good for me. Then, I decided that a monthly goal would be most effective. You know the thing about 20-days-to-cultivate-a-habit? I’m going to give that a try by using this monthly-goal formula.


Be Disciplined

For me this means keeping commitments I’ve made to myself. Not that I have zero discipline, but if I were to rate myself on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give myself 4. By the end of the year I’d like to be at 8 at least. This month’s goals are-

  1. Make bed everyday
  2. Reach (and leave) office on time everyday
  3. Clear the bed by putting away clothes (that are sitting on the bed) at the end of each day
  4. End the month by drinking at least 2 litres of water for 7 days consecutive days – I have a gross deficiency of water in my body & I’m fully aware of how little water I drink, so this year this HAS to change
  5. One blog post per week
  6. Suryanamaskar every weekday
  7. Wash my face at the end of the day, everyday


Reduce Carbon Footprint

I have contributed enough to destroy the earth but that was when I was immature and ignorant. But now I’m neither. It’s well past time that all of us started taking global warming and earth’s health seriously. While all world leaders take macro-level steps to combat global warming, I want to do my micro-level bit. First of all, I had to educate myself on these subjects. I found this site which I think is useful in understanding carbon footprint and climate change – COTAP.org. I also used one of the online calculators to calculate my current carbon footprint, but I didn’t know some of the details they asked for so the calculation wasn’t quite representative.

Anyway, here’s what I’m doing this month-

  1. Using only one tube light in my bedroom and one bulb in the bathroom, that too only when it’s dark outside – I have two tube lights and one lamp in the room, and two bulbs in the bathroom
  2. Charging my laptop only when it reaches 20% charge and turning off the switch when not charging + Switching off the laptop at the end of the day
  3. Using natural light instead of overhead light at office for at least half the day – I’ve had to shift my place and make some changes to the blinds for this 
  4. Walking to the parlor instead of driving – It’s at a distance of 550 metres and my brother used to drop me and pick me up on his bike
  5. Turning off switches around the house if it’s not in use


Rise above my Inferiority Complex

This one is tricky. Honestly, I haven’t figured this out yet. Well, one thing that I did was post a close-up picture of myself on Instagram. You might not think much of it considering the ubiquitous selfie-mania, but I’m not one to take selfies or even pose for the camera, so this one was quite a bold step for me. Trust me when I say that I spent a whole day wondering whether I should post it or not and it gave me jitters.

So for this one, I’m open to suggestions.

Here’s the Instagram post for reference (Read the caption):

Thus, this week is all about laying the foundation for the month (and year) so that it’ll be easy to build on and sustain it for the whole year.

Would you suggest anything that would help me with my themes?




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