Celebrities’ Social Media Persona

Celebrities on social media are an absolute joy! Seriously! Even though I don’t read Tabloids or have much interest in film stars, I like following some of them on social media. Of course, by celebrities I also mean non-movie/TV stars — Politicians, Sportspersons, Embassies, etc. There’s something about them on social media that is a world apart from their identity in a newspaper or magazine. I guess it’s about them showing their real selves on social media. Now I don’t know how many celebrities manage their own social media accounts, but I hope most of them do. Because they’re so awesome! And it’s not really about giving us a sneak peek of their next venture or whatever; even the seemingly mundane and normal posts like “First snow of the season!”, or use of hashtags like #fromwhereIstand makes these celebrities seem real. And some of them are insanely hilarious! If that is their true self, I think I’m starting to rekindle that teenage celebrity crush thing. Like on this guy–

I mean, that face, that humor, AND he’s Indian WITH a British accent. I mean, d’ya get it? Also, he’s the only reason why I watch iZombie.


Then there’s my favorite superhero with a drool-worthy Instagram account ♥

Guard dog on standby. #TheFlashSeason2

A post shared by Grant Gustin (@grantgust) on


While we’re talking about Instagram, let’s just take a moment and admire the love affair of Sonam Kapoor and Instagram. I mean, have ya seen that gallery?! I feel that she herself manages that account, otherwise I’d imagine it would be cumbersome to send across pictures of her Maldives holiday in real-time to her social-media manager. She especially does a great job of giving shout-outs to people who work with her. I simply love her on Instagram.

Prezzie from @reallyswara from Pakistan.. 😘😘😍😍 #bff

A post shared by SonamKAhuja (@sonamkapoor) on


An Indian actress who’s taken Hollywood by storm is Piggy Chops (Now that she’s won a People’s Choice Award, maybe we should give her a better celebrity nickname no?)

She also takes selfies with snow like the rest of us Indians. #ThatsSoIndian


There’s nobody who uses Facebook like Stephen Amell. I mean, he’s the Arrow after all. His #MemeMonday is AMAZE-balls, and the people who respond to it are even more amaze-balls! Check out his Meme Monday album here.

A politician who’s used Twitter in an extraordinary way? Kejru bhai!

Forget about his way of governance, but just look at his use of Twitter. In his case I hope it’s a social media manager who manages his account, because if Arvind Kejriwal himself is doing it, he’s spending an awful lot of time on social media.

Oh, and Kiran Mazumdar Shaw! What an awesome businesswoman to follow! She isn’t the kind who just posts about her company, but her passion for Bangalore and climate is so evident.


Now who could forget the creator of the biggest social network and my former employer- Mark Zuckerberg. He uses Facebook to not only share info about the company, but also responds to comments in the most epic way ever.


While we’re talking about Mark Zuckerberg, we shouldn’t ignore Beast. Don’t know who Beast is? He’s the Zuckerberg Pet! And he has his own page. He’s the social media Mogul of Silicon Valley pets!

Although his page isn’t updated everyday, Dad Zuckerberg posts special moments of Beast on his own profile.

Finally, my favorite celebrity on social media is the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. His embracing social media has changed the way public interacts with the Goverment and makes him seem more reachable. And when he interacts with other countries’ ministers, it makes the whole political community more real, like us.

Like the time he tweeted about President Obama‘s diwali greetings –

Or when he tweeted pictures of his hug with President Ashraf Ghani

Now I don’t know if he posts things himself or all his posts are by his social media team (I’ve read contradictory reports), but if it were him, it’s awesome! Though I wish he was more active on Instagram.

These are some of my favorite celebrities on Social Media. Who’re yours?


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