Top 10 Photos from ‘A Time Warp: British Calcutta’ Series

Back in November-December 2015 I got the chance to visit Agra, Delhi and Kolkata for a dear friend’s wedding. Thanks to my bestie @kamalasripada, I had a Canon 1200D keeping me company throughout the journey. From the Agra leg of the trip I snapped about 900 pictures and posted ~80 of them on Instagram and called it ‘A Time Warp’ series on Mughal India. I chose my top 10 photos from that and compiled it in a blog post.

For the second half of the trip, I was in Kolkata which is very close to my heart. I’ve never lived in Kolkata since my parents were born, raised, and have always lived in South India. I don’t even visit Kolkata often despite having relatives there. But even then, there’s something about Kolkata that speaks to my soul. On every visit I try to cover a touristy area but I haven’t covered all the areas. Yes, I’m Bengali. 😐

My favorite traits of Kolkata are the strong existence of heritage and omnipresent creativity. In 2015 I visited all the metro cities except Chennai, and no city trumps Kolkata in these two traits. Every street has a heritage home and every corner has art. On my previous visits to Kolkata, I’ve been enamoured by the Raj Baaris and old homes. And this time I got a chance to photograph it!

So here are my favorite 10 photos (in random order) from the Time Warp: British Calcutta series –

This is my favorite photograph from the entire Agra-Delhi-Kolkata trip. And this is the only photograph I got in one shot! 🙂

•A Time Warp When I saw this picture, the song that came to my mind was Rabindranath Tagore's Amaro Porano Jaha Chay. আমার পরান যাহা চায় তুমি  তাই, তুমি তাই গো । তোমা ছাড়া আর এ জগতে মোর  কেহ নাই, কিছু নাই গো ॥ তুমি  সুখ যদি নাহি পাও,  যাও  সুখের সন্ধানে যাও– আমি   তোমারে পেয়েছি হৃদয়মাঝে,   আর কিছু নাহি চাই গো ॥ আমি   তোমারি বিরহে রহিব বিলীন,   তোমাতে করিব বাস– দীর্ঘ দিবস, দীর্ঘ রজনী,  দীর্ঘ বরষ-মাস । যদি    আর-কারে ভালোবাস,  যদি  আর ফিরে নাহি আস, তবে   তুমি যাহা চাও তাই যেন পাও,   আমি যত দুখ পাই গো ॥ #kolkata #ig_kolkata #ig_Calcutta #travelindia #travel #traveldiaries #travelgram #traveller #travelblogger #photostory #architecture #building #old #home #india #indiapictures #discover_india #design #oldhouse #incredibleindia

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And with that, my Time Warp series comes to an end. The week that I spent travelling through Agra and Kolkata was as memorable as it gets and I can’t wait to go back for more. Finally, a huge thank you to my best friend Kamala Sripada for lending me her extra camera. These photos wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for her generosity and trust in my capabilities.

Let me know what you think of the series and how I can improve. I’m always looking to get better 🙂


P.S.: You can view the whole album, and other unpublished photos from the series on my Flicker page.


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