2016 Week #5 – Slow but steady?

We’re already in February! Is it just my opinion, or is time moving much faster than it used to? Where did the 31 days of January go?! It feels like we were just celebrating the start of a new year. Speaking of which, how are your new year resolutions going? Are you on track with it or have you dropped out? As for me, I’m not as on-track as I want to be, but I’m definitely working on it. So what did I do well in and what did I not do well in?

First, let’s recap my themes for 2016

Be Disciplined, Reduce Carbon Footprint, and Rise above my inferiority complex

In order to do these, I listed down in a previous blog post the specific goals I wanted to achieve in January. In this blog post, I want to review my progress on each of them.

Goals, categorised by themes, and the progress –

Be Disciplined (Number of successful days/Total number of days)

  1. Make bed everyday – SUCCESS! 😀 (30/31)
  2. Reach (and leave) office on time everyday – Good start but couldn’t sustain it (8/20)
  3. Clear the bed by putting away clothes (that are sitting on the bed) at the end of each day – Another success! (31/31)
  4. End the month by drinking at least 2 litres of water for 7 days consecutive days – Epic fail. I’m still struggling to drink at least one litre everyday. But I will say that I started quite well on this goal.
  5. One blog post per week – Success! (6/4)
  6. Suryanamaskar every weekday – Another goal that I started really well on, and until half way through the month did quite well on. But eventually lost steam. (10/20)
  7. Wash my face at the end of the day, everyday – Almost a success (28/31)


Reduce Carbon Footprint

  1. Using only one tube light in my bedroom and one bulb in the bathroom – Success!
  2. Charging my laptop only when it reaches 20% charge and turning off the switch when not charging + Switching off the laptop at the end of the day – Almost a success
  3. Using natural light instead of overhead light at office for at least half the day I feel so good about doing well on this!
  4. Walking to the parlor instead of driving Success! Another success that I feel really good about! Although, in January I visited the parlor only once.
  5. Turning off switches around the house if it’s not in use – Not a success because I share the house with four other people


Rise above my Inferiority Complex

For this one I didn’t have a “goal” because it’s something I’m still just figuring it out. But there’s been some improvement in this area. I think my biggest win here is that I’m more attuned to my thoughts and feelings when I get hit by a bout of inferiority complex. I’m definitely aware that I’m letting something get to me within a few minutes of starting to feel it. I see this as a win. Beyond being aware, I force myself to shift my thoughts. For instance, say I’m scrolling through my Newsfeed and I see a post that someone’s put up, and for some reason that irritates me. But then I force myself to think, “So what?”, and I instantly feel a change in emotions. This has happened quite a few times last month and I’m glad I’m making progress. But still, there’s a loooong way to go. Having said that, I still don’t know what the “goals” should be.

Goals for February

Okay, so this month’s goals. Of course, January’s goals which were successful are now habits (which is the objective of this exercise) so I won’t list them down. The ones that I didn’t succeed at will carry forward to this month.

Be Disciplined

  1. Reach (and leave) office on time everyday
  2. End the month by drinking at least 2 litres of water for 7 days consecutive days
  3. Two blog posts per week
  4. Suryanamaskar every weekday
  5. Water the plants everyday

Reduce Carbon Footprint

  1. Walking to the parlor instead of driving
  2. Using handkerchiefs instead of tissues
  3. Taking bucket baths instead of showers (Excludes the days I have to wash my hair)

Rise above my Inferiority Complex

I don’t know if this is a good goal to have or if it even serves the purpose, but I think it might help.

  • Maintain a log of all the times I feel inferior and record my emotions around it. I think, first I’d like to know how often I feel like this and why. Then I would be in a better position to improve it.


So this was my update for the month of January, and goals for February. It’s definitely shaping out to be a good year 🙂 How are you doing on your goals/resolutions?


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