How I Make Masala Chai

A bunch of folks have asked me this – How I make masala chai. So I thought why not share the information so more people can enjoy the magic of this 🙂 But before we begin I have just one caveat – It’s NOT Chai Tea as many westerners like to call it; it’s just Masala Chai or Masala Tea. Tea means Chai so Chai Tea translates to Tea Tea or Chai Chai. Do ya get it now? Okay moving on…

There are packaged Masala Chai mixes easily available in the market but I like making it fresh. That way I can control the taste and proportion of each spice, plus it also feels more fresh. There are many variations of this mix using different spices and those recipes are easy to find. What I’d suggest is, start with a simple recipe and as you keep making that, you’ll get a grasp of which spice gives what taste, and then you yourself will start playing with variations.

What you need for two cups —

  1. Cinnamon – 3 inch stick
  2. Cardamom – 4 pods
  3. Black Pepper – 4 whole
  4. Water – 2 cups
  5. Milk – As per taste
  6. Tea Leaves – 2 tbsp
  7. Ginger – 4 inch slice
  8. Tulsi Leaves (Holy Basil) – 4 or 5
  9. Sugar – As per taste
1 large cup of Masala Chai
1 large cup of Masala Chai

How to make Masala Chai —

  • Put the water on boil on low to medium flame. After 2-3 minutes, add tea leaves and let it boil for another 2-3 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, grind the spices. I use a mortar and pestle to lightly grind the spices, including ginger.
  • Add the spices to the tea and bring it to full boil.
  • Add the milk and let it boil for a few more minutes. If you can, air the tea while it boils.
  • Once it comes to a full boil, turn off flame. Keep the tea covered for a minute or two before you serve.

When I made it the first time, I browsed through recipes on Pinterest. Some of them are really doable and are so well written. I’d recommend you do the same. To start, you can find some recipes on my Pinterest board.

Let me know how it goes!


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  1. I go about things slightly differently. I firstly prepare the tea water by slowly simmering the masala for about 10 minutes or so, and then bringing it up to a boil and then steeping the tea in the normal way.

    The tea I use is either an Assam or a Ceylon. Personally I never use milk, but might occasionally drop a bit of honey or coconut sugar in the cup.

    The Thai Basil sounds interesting – I might just have to try that… 🙂

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  2. Sunayana Sen says:

    Ah, interesting. Does it taste different if you add the masala first and then the tea? Honey sounds interesting… Must try that. I don’t think we get coconut sugar here in Hyderabad. Is there any DIY alternative?

    Tulsi, in that amount, is just for health purposes. It gives a very light flavour, sort of a freshness in your throat. From what I’ve read, you’ll need a cup of Tulsi leaves to get the full flavor.


  3. badfish says:

    I love drinking chai like this…but I don’t think I’m going to want to go through the process (and shopping) to make it myself!!! I first drank it in India years ago.


    1. Sunayana Sen says:

      Ah. Yeah it can be cumbersome sometimes. Last time I made it, I made the powder for 5 cups and stored it in a jar. Definitely cut down the effort.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. badfish says:

        that makes more sense!!!


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