Favourite Instagrammers

Most young smartphone users have the habit of waking up from sleep and immediately reaching for their phone. According to a research by Bank of America, more than 35% of the respondents reach for their phone first thing in the morning.


Anyway, that’s besides the point and requires a whole other post which I will never do. The point is, like most other young people with smartphones, I reach for my phone first thing in the morning. But I guess everybody has a different thing/app they look at. The first app that I open is Instagram. I love Instagram. It’s beautiful in every way. And what an amazing platform to showcase talent that would otherwise have remained in the dark. Being an active Instagrammer myself, and currently trying to get better at photography, I draw inspiration and learning from other Instagrammers. And to think that many of them shoot using just their phones! Incredible.

Since I learn so much from just following them, thought I’d blog about them as like a Thank-you of sorts 🙂 Also because I need to accomplish my goal of one blog post this week 😀

In no particular order, here are my favorites –

♣ Anees Tasneem Shaik@aneestasneem

From Hyderabad, India, she’s a school-friend and one of the most talented self-taught photographers I have met. I’ve also worked with her which is why I can say she’s so easy to work with! I find that her photos have a distinctive sharpness in them and the colors just make every single piece in the photo come alive. So glad to have her as my photography mentor 🙂


Kanishka Dasgupta@kanishkadasgupta

Another Instagrammer from Hyderabad, India, is more about art. Since I know him personally, I can tell you he’s insanely creative and talented. Hence his quirky Instagram account comes as no surprise. Not only does he smoothly blends objects with pen strokes, his captions are also in context and witty as hell. Such a fun IG account to follow!


Abhinav Kodam@myfeetstories

Not sure where he is based out of but his IG account indicates that he travels a lot. The primary reason why I like his IG account is because of how versatile it is. It’s not just one topic/type of photos he focuses on and I love that. The other reason he’s a favorite is the boldness. There’s a boldness in his photos that’s classy and inspiring.


Lauren Bath@laurenpbath

From down under, Australia comes one of my absolute favorite Instagrammer. I started following her account waaaay back when her number of posts were still just in triple digits, and I’ve loved her work ever since. There is a uniqueness in her work that I can’t put a finger on and I’ve just not seen in any other IG account. She travels a lot for photography and one time she had visited India. I remember seeing her first post of India and feeling super excited. I even sent a DM to her! In the message I wrote that I was eager to see how differently she could capture my country, and that I wasn’t disappointed at all. Her photos of India were so different from the regular tourist-y/foreign-y photos that we see and I think that says a lot about the photographer.


Neal Bhaumik@chobigrapher

If I’m not wrong, he’s a photographer from North-Eastern India (I think Tripura, but his profile doesn’t say). Every single photograph in his IG gallery is poetry. He literally makes time stand still through his photos and every emotion is so visible, even in seemingly inanimate objects. He does photo series from time to time, and some of them are mind-blowing. My favorite series of his is ‘The Man Who Came Out Of The Cocoon.’ What a bold and creative way of looking at gender insecurities!


Ryan Postel@ryanpostel

Typically I’m drawn to colors and brightness, but even though Ryan Postel’s photos are kind of dark, it has a unique perspective. He’s based out of Chicago, USA and it’s a beautiful city to explore. I didn’t get a chance to extensively explore the Windy city during my visit, but Ryan Postel’s photos are as good as walking through the streets of Chicago. There is a depth in his photos that I aspire to achieve and I see his photos as inspiration for cityscape composition.


A post shared by Ryan Postel (@ryanpostel) on


Karun Sengupta@karunsg (My cousin brother, so obviously :D)

Another Instagrammer who’s really good at cityscape photography. Based out of Toronto, Canada, most of his photos are of the beautiful city of Toronto – it’s architecture, food and nightlife. It’s nice to explore Toronto through his photos. He’s also a travel enthusiast so every now and then he posts pictures from his exotic travel destinations – Middle East, Brazil, Spain and what not. If you go to his photomap, the world doesn’t even fit in one screen!

Nights Gone By | #Toronto #The6

A post shared by K A R U N (@karunsg) on



I don’t know what it is about her photos, but it’s like being transported to a different world. Her IG profile says she’s from San Francisco, USA. Most of her photos feature kids and it’s so different from the typical photos of children. I can’t describe her photos; you’ll just have to see them yourself.

"If the world was blind, how many people would you impress?" #alicejs

A post shared by KLODJANA DERVISHI (@klodid) on


Bil Donovan@bildonovan

Bil Donovan is an artist so naturally his IG gallery is full of sketches and paintings. I think these are watercolor illustrations, but I could be wrong. It just feels so effortless. I love his art work and take it as inspiration for my own.


Harini Ramachandran@harinirama

Another friend of mine on my list of favorite Instagrammers! Currently based in New York, USA, she has a penchant for simple, yet beautiful composition of everyday things. And thank god she likes to travel! Because if she didn’t like travel, we wouldn’t get to see such spectacular views of streets from across the world. Currently she’s doing a series on Clothes Lines of Italy. Yup, Clothes Lines 🙂

He's just a classy guy; my kind of guy!

A post shared by Harini De (Ramachandran) (@harinirama) on

P.S.: I know I’ve said that I like colors and am drawn to colorful photos, yet this post features more black and white photos than colorful ones. It’s because I had to scroll through pictures on the web version of IG to get the links, and it got tiring to do so. So I picked the photo I liked from the first set of loaded photos.



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