What I learnt from an Instameet

A couple of weeks ago I attended an Instameet in my city. It was my first Instameet experience and I was quite excited as well as nervous about it. I follow a lot of local photographers on Instagram and I really appreciate their work. Some of them are insanely good at their craft and I learn a lot just by following them on Instagram. While I’ve been on Instagram for quite some time, only recently did I start putting in some photography effort. But even then, I’m not very good at photography. I have very specific interests and don’t get inspired that easily. Plus, I don’t know how to edit and all. I just post whatever little I do.

So when I went to the Instameet, I was nervous because, well, there would be some pros there and I already felt like such an imposter thinking about it. Nevertheless, I wanted to attend it so I piggybacked with a photographer friend who is well-known in that circle and also dragged along another friend. Must go with an army okay! For the large part, I knew a lot of them by their Instagram Usernames and could connect some of the names to their faces. To me they were mini-celebrities. I was prepared to hang on to my friend the entire time, speak to maybe a handful of people and leave.

But, that did not happen. And this is what I learned that day- If you have a real talent and make use of it, your work will make sure that your name is known; you won’t even need to be physically present to introduce yourself or give a long-drawn introduction.

This one Instagrammer whom I introduced myself to, responded in the best way possible!

Me: “Hi, I’m Sunayana Sen.”

Instagrammer: “You’re the palace girl!” (Because my feed is dominated by pictures of palaces)

And that’s when I knew that I had established a strong(-ish) reputation.

You know, as much as we hear that we don’t need validation from others, sometimes we do need it. Sometimes we don’t know the worth of our work until other people make us realize this. And that’s not necessarily because of low self-esteem; it’s just about the differences in the way different people view the same thing. I came back from that Instameet with a new perspective of myself (as an Instagrammer) and I couldn’t be more grateful for it. As I sign-off, here’s an instavideo by Shreyans Dungarwal of our Instameet



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