25 Absolutely Random Thoughts

I don’t remember the last time my mind was totally spaced out. I ALWAYS have some thought swimming around in my mind. Sometimes it’s thoughts related to real aspects of my life, like work, food, etc.. But many times it’s just random. Like, for no rhyme or reason. Don’t you have them too? Let me know in the comments what your random thoughts are. Here are some of my recent random thoughts and questions –

  1. That dog’s puppies look exactly like the mother.
  2. Why do we need to know about Bipasha Basu’s wedding rituals?
  3. If most Americans on my Facebook friends list are against Donald Trump, and all media houses are too, how the F is he winning?
  4. Why does the European Union still exist?
  5. Is the UN still as effective?
  6. Does that guy like me?
  7. There have been way too many fire breakouts/accidents across the world in the last one month.
  8. Why do some women change their surname on Facebook within 24 hours of their wedding?
  9. How do they even have the time to be so active on Facebook what with all the rituals and guests and other wedding-related crap?
  10. Why do I have to wax my underarms?
  11. Why do I have to wax anything at all?
  12. Ugh, this woman’s selfie again.
  13. Am I wasting too much water?
  14. Another Instagram handle starting with “@thegirl…..” So overdone and lame.
  15. Will I ever gain weight?
  16. My WagonR has feelings.
  17. Should I give birth or adopt a baby?
  18. Why doesn’t this person walk faster?
  19. Do men generate more saliva than women, which is why I see only men spitting?
  20. How does this evil person have a SO but not me?
  21. Will I be successful in life?
  22. What is a successful life for me?
  23. Why can’t this plant thrive well in summer?
  24. Was I a Mughal princess in a past life? Is that why I am so enamoured by Mughal Princess stories?
  25. Why don’t my gadgets love me?

So thoughts. Much random. It happens.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. badfish says:

    Yeah, you know I woke up this morning thinking this very thought: That dog’s puppies look exactly like the mother. FUN post!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sunayana Sen says:

      Hahah! Thanks 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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