9 Types of Instagram Users You Have On Your List

Ah Instagram … the social network that’s not yet understood by parents and grandparents. The platform that has given rise to many photographers. The platform that has turned some users into celebrities and brand ambassadors. Ah Instagram…what a revolutionary social platform! I absolutely love Instagram and that makes it my most used app.  I use Instagram for two purposes – 1). To share snippets of my experiences and thoughts in the most visually appealing manner, and 2). To see fantastic and visually magnificent pictures that are snippets of others’ lives. But there are many different people on it and they use it for many different reasons and that’s what makes Instagram the superbly engaging platform that it is. So for today’s post I’m listing down 9 types of Instagram users on your list (Followers and/or Following.) Let me know which one of these you are!

  1. The friend who likes every post of yours simply because you two are good friends and you’ll love and support each other.
  2. The friend (or acquaintance) who sees all your posts but likes only those posts that are personal photos, like family photos or selfies with friends even though the quality of these photos are inferior than your non-personal ones.
  3. The frenemy who sees all your posts but does not interact with any of them.
  4. The person who regularly posts photos but rarely interacts with anybody else’s posts. They’re the ones with 1000 posts but less than 100 following.
  5. The person who logs in once in a while to post something, likes posts that show up in the feed until they’re tired of catching up with all the posts they missed.
  6. The professional photographer who shares high quality and super artistic photos which makes you put them on a proverbial pedestal.
  7. The person who has a high number of followers but their posts are mostly selfies, mirror selfies, and pictures of themselves taken by Type number 6 mentioned above ^.
  8. The person who posts pictures with looooooong captions. Usually a poem they’ve written themselves.
  9. The person who posts quotes.

I am a mix of all these types! Which one are you?


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