Will the real educators please stand up

Disclaimer: Post not based on research or data. It's solely based on author's observation.

Sometime ago my Aunt, who is a principal of a school, told me that they were looking for some teachers and asked if I had any (teacher) friends who’d be interested. I racked my brain for five minutes trying to recollect any acquaintance who was a teacher but my brain drew a blank. I have zero friends and schoolmates who went on to become school teachers. Should I be appalled? Or should be ashamed?

What engineering is to Telugu and Tamil boys, teaching is to Bengali women. Or at least used to be. I have three immediate aunts on my father’s side – all three are educators. But none from my generation. I recently came across an article in TOI about how 1 lakh schools have only a single teacher and just a couple of columns to the right was an article about how thousands of grads had applied for sweeper jobs. These are just two of many such articles. Just goes to show the low value of education these days.

What happened to education? When did teaching become less important or attractive than building yet another e-commerce site? Until the previous generation there were so many teachers and this current generation has so few. Where did my generation go wrong? Think about this – Currently, most school teachers are of the previous generation and they are soon going to retire. This millennial generation hasn’t produced enough teachers. So when the previous generation retires, there won’t be enough qualified teachers to fill the vacancies. Which means, millennials’ children will not have enough teachers.

I completely understand that everyone has career goals that are based on their interests, passions and strengths, just like mine, but I find it hard to believe that the interests of the majority of us are engineering or business related functions. Maybe I’m wrong about this. Maybe schools are stocked with young, millennial teachers and I just don’t know about it. If so, well then, we have nothing to worry about! Our generation’s priorities are on point. But, if my social circle is any indicator, and I have a fairly varied social circle, then our generation has screwed up big time. We will need to home school the future generation.

What do you think about this? Leave your thoughts as comments below.


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